Learning Teaching Training Activity

The Virtual Center for Academic wellbeing – Mentoring program

The Learning Teaching Training Activity aims to develop a Virtual Center for Academic wellbeing through a mentoring program.

12 mentors will participate in the training, three from each of the partner universities. The mentors will be trained through 44 hours mentoring program and the project team will offer them support to develop the Virtual Center for Academic wellbeing in their universities as a mentors’ network which will help academics to use appropriate resources and to efficiently adjust to the digital transition.

The training of mentors is based on the Workbook Digital well-being – manual for mentors.

Profile of participants: The mentors are members of the project team or key experts of digital well-being.

The Virtual Centre is focused on the use of the project results. The Learning Teaching and Training activity is an important step to achieve the aim of providing teachers tools supporting both work and learning engagement, and digital well-being and resilience.

The positive effects of the mentoring activity on academics’ well-being will also raise the awareness of HEIs about the need to implement strategies increasing the well-being of teachers with direct impact on student learning engagement and performances sustaining an efficient adjustment to the new digital era.